Autopsy: Coraline

You might be surprised to see Laika’s 2009 stop-motion animated film “Coraline” under my Autopsy category. As the heading of my blog states, a film autopsy involves cutting into a movie to see how it died. “But Coraline,” you say impetuously, “Is a critically acclaimed movie based on a Neil Gaiman book! It seems just like your kind of thing!” And it certainly does.

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Autopsy: The Light Between Oceans

As summer ends and we plunge headlong into fall, big-budget action movies make way for small intimate dramas designed to pull in older audiences and perhaps a few awards. The funny thing about drama, is that it’s harder to do than most people think, and when it goes wrong, it can go very very wrong.

The Light Between Oceans is an absolutely disastrous attempt at a drama. Ignore the posters that make this look like a Nicholas Spark’s romance, if you’re going to this to have your heart-warmed or be swept off your feet by a charming Fassbender, you’re in the wrong movie. That said, I don’t know what this movie offers in place of that.

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